About FNB


Collected Information
First National Bank respects the privacy of children, and does not collect any more personal information than reasonably necessary to enable them to obtain the services offered by our Kid’s Banking accounts (applicable to children aged 16 years of age and under).
First National Bank does not collect online information for children (defined as 16 years of age and under). Kid’s Banking accounts require a legally defined parental guardian to open and administrate. First National Bank is not liable for financial transactions or decisions made on Kid’s Banking Accounts. The following information may be requested pertaining to the child defined in the account:

  • Child’s Name
  • E-mail Address
  • Physical Address

The purpose of Kid’s Banking accounts is to teach financial literacy and competency. First National Bank is not liable for any financial decisions based on the educational programs or guidance administered by the programs or staff.

First National Bank does not distribute information on Kid’s Banking accounts to third parties.

Use and Sharing of Information
The information we collect from children for the Kid’s Banking accounts is used to enable them to participate in savings account services for educational purposes. All information is confirmed and approved by legal guardians before use.

For More Information on the Child’s Online Privacy Protection Act Please Visit the COPPA Website