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Protecting Your Information

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Here are key ways that we help to safeguard your information when you bank online:

  • 128-Bit Encryption — At First National Bank, internet banking is protected by 128-bit encryption.
  • Authentication — In addition to requiring a password for online banking, we provide browser authentication to ensure that you are the one logging into your internet banking.
  • Secure Firewalls — The computer servers that run our internet banking are protected by numerous firewalls to help prevent unauthorized access to our network, and is monitored thoroughly to prevent security breaches.
  • Session Timeouts — If you’re signed on and not using Internet Banking for several minutes, your session will “time out.” To resume your banking activity, you’ll need to re-enter your User ID and Password.
  • Secure Messages — You can receive account-related questions answered securely and privately through our Internet Banking Messaging.
  • Security Tokens - For our commercial customers, we provide security tokens that ensure that only authorized users for your company will be able to sign into Internet Banking.