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Due to increased fraud in New York state, FNB is blocking all non-pinned debit card transactions originating from there.
If you are planning travel to New York, please call customer service for additional information.

Commercial Banking

Electronic Transfers

Stop and think of how much time it takes you and your staff to process payments, manage your cash balances and retrieve information on your accounts. This is time you could be using to run your business. At First National Bank, our Cash Management services can help you effectively manage your money and get you back to growing your business.

From Basic Business Online Banking, which allows you to view your accounts, to Business Bill Pay, which allows you to pay your bills and process transfers of money between Business accounts, all of these are just the beginning of the power that you have to manage your business online.

Information is the key to making your money work most efficiently for you. We offer a variety of additional services that are designed to get the information you need, the way you want it and when you want it.

ACH Origination: Pay your employees, vendors and suppliers and collect payments from customers electronically. ACH allows you to automate this process and eliminates paper, check costs and postage.

Wire Transfers: Instead of stopping what you’re doing and driving to the bank, you can originate and approve a wire transfer transaction from your office.

Positive Pay: Helps you be aware of potential check fraud so you can take steps before it affects your accounts.

Notice: Cash Management Services are subject to approval. For transaction fees associated with these services, please refer to your Cash Management Agreement package.